Structuring Sourcing
People with special skills are easy to find if you know how and where to look. Today, international experts with the same or better education in the respective fields are a must to stay competitive.
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Business Developing
To expect a different result with the same action and intensity inevitably leads to the same results. Where to go against new and different thinking, to achieve the desired results! Minimum change of your employees, as Key Success Factor.
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Employee Retention
The personal development of your employees, as well as the simultaneous development of your business processes, leads to the desired employee satisfaction and the resulting loyalty.
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Training & Academy
Different skills are required for different positions. This can be learned. What is becoming more and more important, however, are the soft skills that come from experience. This can also be trained.
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Our Services

International Professional-Experts-Search
We know how to search for the best professional experts. As part of our service, we use the latest profiling tools, personality tests and IT tests for developers, who will find you the right expert for the right job profile.
As part of the New Work, we offer you remote project teams so that you can develop faster, more flexibly and more autonomously.
Onboarding foreign employees
Diversity gives you the competitive advantage you have planned. Take care of your customers, we take care of the smooth running of onboarding!
Training & Academy
In a framework where ideas fall on fertile ground, creativity and innovation grow, bringing us companies to the next level. Growth is only possible in a community of like-minded people.
The experts of the community, as well as our and the employees we find for you, have the highest level of education. Cooperations with universities all over the world are only one indication. However, our independent academy, and training partners, offers a reliable framework for continuous knowledge expansion.
Human Behavior
Our HR tools, based on people's behavioral data, determine meaningful data to improve the corporate spirit and reduce the significantly high health-related absenteeism.
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Our Team

João Heep
Jasper Bode

What Clients Saying

Seit drei Jahren betreut mich JH International Group bei meinen Einätzen im Finance Bereich. Alle Fragen im Zusammenhang mit dem anspruchsvollen Kunden wickelt JH International engagiert, schnell und professionell ab. Durch die gewinnende Art, dem Branchen-Know-How und die gute Betreuung während der letzten Jahre ist JH International ein kompetenter Ansprechpartner für mich ich freue mich auf die weitere, erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.
Dr. Aul
JH International Group oblag die Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung aller unserer vertrieblichen Ziele, im ausgewiesenen Umfeld. Neben dem qualitativ hohen Niveau der Arbeitsergebnisse, überzeugte JH International Group mit einer rasanten Einarbeitung in unser Businessumfeld.
M. Schmitt
Ikano Bank GmbH
JH International Group hat mich während meines Einsatzes betreut. Die Vorvertragsphase, sowie die kaufmännische Abwicklung waren sehr gut organisiert. Benötigte Informationen standen sofort zur Verfügung. Die Einführung beim Kunden war professionell. Besonders hervorzuheben war die Betreuung nach Vertragsabschluss. Ich danke JH International Group ausdrücklich für seine gute Arbeit und wünsche weiterhin viel Erfolg.
R. Platte
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