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Individual Software Development
Today there are only personal limits to the possibilities. Whether platform independent development, or stand-alone applications, you should only ask your customers how they like it best. How do you like it best?
UX - is the success bottleneck today
Success in business lies in the hands of the customer, the user. Whether they are their employees or their customers, both are users of their developed software. Your software only brings ROI if the user wants to use it. UX is the key for your success. How? Let´s have a talk!
Mobile- Application
Customers today are constantly on tour, whether it is private or business, they rarely find themselves in front of your desktop computer. This means that they need your mobile applications to stay connected. How to do that is our specialty.
Advantages of flexibility
In order to be able to develop innovative, fast and cost-efficient, it takes time and up-to-date knowledge about the latest technology. Clever companies know that this is not a reproach, but has to be built up just as fast as the customer's requirements. How does it work? Let's talk about it.

What does Human Technology do
and why do we do what we do?

Why we do what we do?

As a specialized and innovative company that focuses on the free and collaborative idea of New Work, it has made it its business to bring together companies and people, and thus the necessary knowledge. In this way we create added value, but even more important for us, perspective for each individual.

We would like to offer people who have not grown up and live in the western world the chance to use their existing potential and to use and develop their talent and skills where it is possible today. 

With this we want to make the world a better place. For what would happen if people could improve their lives through the exchange of knowledge?

How we do this?

Where traditional companies have built up their processes and structures over the last 60-100 years or longer and where their products have influenced the development of the environment with their slow development, they have at some point ceased to keep up with the resulting newer development opportunities. This is where Human Technology begins and determines the rapid development market.

Today, the speed and user-friendly operation of applications are in the foreground in order to win over customers. However, the rigidity of one’s own processes is a hindrance.

In the past, companies were relying on permanent employees because they had to compete against them in large numbers, but now more than ever they are trying to attract employees from competitors. However, when viewed as a whole, this does not help Germany as a business location.

We have understood that knowledge is omnipresent, but is only used to a limited extent. For this reason, we use the swarm intelligence of people on all continents to solve individual requirements.


What we do?

Human Technology uses its own solution, which enables us to understand the behaviour of people and to transfer findings into our projects and trainings. This means that we build real solutions that are tailored to people’s needs.

Our solution is built on interacting with the user in real time and supporting AI to bring better results into their lives. We are always at the pulse of time and therefore also our customers.

Furthermore, we use the power of partnerships in areas that we can complement with our expertise. These partnerships help to unlock the potential of our clients.



How to work with us

requirements analysis

The first step is to get to know you and your business in a close conversation and thus to meet your requirements. We want to understand you and your customers. The focus for us is to get a clear picture of what your goal of the project, the product, the application is and what impact you want to achieve with it.


Your cooperation in the first step gives us the opportunity, based on our experience, to plan the next steps. This means that we can send you our offer and at the same time discuss our ideas on how to make your project even more efficient, so that you have to invest as little time and money as possible.


You are happy that we have a common understanding of the product, the project and the solution that will be commissioned, so that we can send you a final offer.


As soon as the administrative issues have been dealt with in a trustworthy manner, the team is already working on them in parallel. We both explain the stakeholders and we integrate your contact person or team into our Slack and Jira channel. Also the other way around. This gives us control and above all speed on both sides right from the start.

Once the team is set and the technical resources are available, it can start the project immediately.

We maintain close contact with you personally, depending on the cooperation you choose, so that we are always on the safe side of implementing the product, the solution, according to your wishes and specifications.

Scaleable - Our Partner


Your partner with international remote teams for each of your IT application development projects In the shortest time, with the right team, at half the cost.

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Frequently Asking Question

What kind of projects are you doing?
We prefer to program applications for people who get a better and simpler life as a result. We are nerds and love what we do, as long as you help other people, we are happy to help you fulfill your wish.
What types of contracts do you enter into?
We love to be free to act and to be allowed to act. This is an attitude we are willing to share with you and your project. However, this also means that we give everything for you and your project. By being spread all over the world and living a normal standard of living in each country, we have agreed to accept our projects on a service basis. Therefore only the actual effort will be charged. We work against time, or against budget. That is up to you. But we tell you exactly what you get for it. Occasionally we make an exception. But with our ``standard model`` everyone involved is doing well.
investments & grants for small businesses
Let‘s have a look at the mechanism ruling the databases of cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin consists of a network of peers. Every peer has a record of the complete history of all transactions and thus of the balance of every account. A transaction is a file that says, “Bob gives X Bitcoin to Alice“ and is signed by Bob‘s private key. It‘s basic public key cryptography, nothing special at all. After signed, a transaction is broadcasted in the network, sent from one peer to every other peer. This is basic p2p-technology. Nothing special at all, again.
Who manages the team?
That depends on how you want to do your project. It also depends on the size of the project. But it depends very much on how specific your solution is. If you want us to develop for you, because you don't want to get the knowledge in-house and you don't have a project manager and product manager in-house, then we also take over the management. The answer is, it depends.
What about the rights to the product?
What we find great is to put our expertise into development and then have a product that will help millions of people. Then our work is done. That's why we don't want to keep the code or the rights to it. All this belongs to you after payment all by yourself:-)
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