We are committed to supporting you in those areas where our partnership will bring real value. We create and identify opportunities and strength and anticipate challenges.

For you, we take a closer look. Your new employee should fit in with your family business. That means not only professionally, but above all, he must match your values. We don't just look at the tip of the iceberg, but at the larger part that lies hidden under the water.
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The administrative effort behind the on-boarding of a foreign employee can be a KO criterion. We take over the entire communication from the search to the accompaniment to the offices up to the first working day.
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The fruit basket and the foosball table are out again. There is no room for the table tennis table? Then the only thing that helps is...direct contact with the employee again. How? The ``Training & Academy`` and ``Human Technology`` departments provide support. Using scientific methods to create the right environment for the employee, in which they can grow satisfied and with curiosity.
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Right person, for the right position

The right people at the right time, for the right position

People are like an iceberg. You can see the tip sticking out of the water, but what is hidden in the water you may not find out until it is too late. What if you could see the potential right away?

= WHAT requirements does the work have? = CAN the person do the work?
= HOW will the person do the work? = WILL the person do the work?
= Do person and work, boss, culture fit together?

Will Ihr Talent wirklich zu ihnen

It is firmly anchored in our values that we want to help people and family companies. This also entails a responsibility to bring together people and positions that belong together.

This is what you get

1 | Management Report (detailed report for coaching and leadership)
2 | Management summary (Clear summary of the management report)
3 | Interview guide (With questions for the interview)
4 | Interview guide – deviation areas (reduction to deviation areas)
5 | Graphical overview (overall result at a glance)
6 | Job comparison (comparing a candidate with several positions)
7 | Candidate comparison (comparison of several candidates with one position)
8 | Personal report (personal results report for the candidate)
9 | Personal Graphic (Graphic result overview for the candidate)
10 | Requirement profile analysis (profound report on a specific position)
11 | Requirement profile graphic (graphic overview for a specific position)
12 | Requirement profile description (candidate description for a selected position)
13 | Benchmark overview (consolidation of individual results in comparison)

Our Partner - Profiles International

Profiles International is your experienced partner for all questions concerning personnel selection and personnel development.
We specialize in scientifically valid online assessments at the highest international level.

Profiles International offers companies, organizations, and institutions innovative products and concepts to find, promote and retain the best employees up to the management level in a time- and cost-saving way. More than 40,000 customers worldwide benefit from our sustainable solutions and services. We are there for you with more than 175 offices in over 120 countries.

What we do
With our solutions, we support you in
to increase the productivity of their employees,
minimize costly wrong decisions,
to recognize the individual skills and strengths of employees and managers and to steer them in profitable directions.

what we do

Four Simple Steps

Profiling & Searching

Do you also have the feeling that the right talents are not applying for your job advertisements? We screen your advertisement through AI and adapt it directly. So that the right candidate also finds you. At the same time it avoids the built up of silos between different areas of laws so that we are able to deliver to our clients commercially sound and legally robust solutions focused to their business objectives.


The industry includes a wide range of participants, from corporates, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds to individuals, each managing very different and often diverse assets.


Our clients include the world's leading asset management companies, alternative investment funds, private equity funds, insurance companies and private banking businesses.


Knowledge is everywhere. The essential thing is to get the right thing to the right place at the right time. Your employee should be able to apply this knowledge in the best possible way, because then it creates the promised added value. We train your employees to do just that.
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