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International Executive Search
Bringen the right people, at the right time to the right position, that will generate added value for both sides.
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IT Product-Developing
Provide and manage international development teams for the development of your application.
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Motivation & Training
Develop your people so that they can draw on their full potential to deliver the value to your business that they and their people want.
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Our Mission

Connecting peoples
Connect experts with the right companies to unleash the power on both sides.
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Education provider
To give them the opportunity to use their talents in other countries and for companies that need this knowledge. Building auxiliary facilities is our mission for the countries whom not be able to help themselves.
#1 turn(stile) for HR needs
Companies are looking for external solutions, clever companies know that they will find the solution themselves. That's why they focus on the employee.
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our why

Der einzige Unterschied, zu den erfolgreichen Unternehmen und den anderen ist, die Perspektive der einzelnen Menschen, die diese bilden. In einem Land aufzuwachsen, in dem es mehr darum geht zu überleben, richtet den Fokus auf schnelle und einfache lebenserhaltende Maßnahmen. Solange Menschen nicht die gleichen Chancen haben und bereits Kinder zu Erwachsenenarbeit gezwungen werden und damit ihrer Kindheit beraubt werden, solange tragen auch wir die Verantwortung unseres Handeln. Dies impliziert, dass wir unsere Arbeit darauf ausrichten, Menschen die Perspektiven zu geben, um anders zu handeln. Dies bedeutet, dass wir Menschen aus aller Welt die Perspektive geben, dass auch sie ihr Leben in Freiheit und Ordnung gestalten können. Dafür steht die JH International Group ein. 25% des Gewinns, geht an die JH-Stiftung, welche sich für diese Menschen aus aller Welt einsetzt. Hauptsächlich stellt sie Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten für Kinder bereit und hilft den Eltern, ein Umfeld aufzubauen, auf dem das Kind gesund wachsen kann. Aus diesem Grund richtet sich die JH International an die verantwortungsvollen Kunden, die nachhaltig die Welt schützen und positiv verändern.

The only difference between successful companies and the others is the perspective of the individual people who make them up. Growing up in a country where survival is more important than survival itself, the focus is on quick and easy life-sustaining measures. As long as people do not have the same opportunities and children are forced to work as adults and thus deprived of their childhood, we too bear the responsibility for our actions. This implies that we focus our work on giving people the perspectives to act differently. This means that we give people from all over the world the perspective that they too can shape their lives in freedom and order. This is what the JH International Group stands for. 25% of the profit goes to the JH Foundation, which supports these people from all over the world. The main purpose of the foundation is to provide development opportunities for children and to help parents to create an environment in which the child can grow healthily. For this reason, the YH International is aimed at responsible customers who protect the world and change it for the better.

corporate social responsibility

JH International Group - CSR

Being able to help and, above all, knowing how to help other people, obliges you to do the same. For this reason, our founder decided to donate 25% of the profits to the JH Foundation. With this donation the JH International Group supports international projects for young people and the preservation and cleaning of the environment.

At JH International Group, we believe that a healthy foundation helps make the world a better place.

We want to give people perspectives and opportunities to use their own potential. Especially to the young people of this world.

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Frequently Asking Question

What does the International Group do?
It is the pivotal point for companies and people who are flexible, cost-efficient and sustainably given new perspectives in order to withstand the competition and to be able to give their existence a new direction.

It is the digital company that supports you in stacking a virtual team and implementing your IT projects in a third of the time.

She specializes in the development of web and mobile applications and in giving the people in the community, their hobbyhorse, the creative space so that you, as an entrepreneur, get the best and most motivated experts.

company formation and structuring
And because we understand the complexities and challenges involved in running a new work team and services, we tailor our partnerships to ensure you receive a flexible, reliable and affordable service that adapts to the growing demands of your new business
how you get the new work teams
We use our own community and partnerships with other digital nomads communities, as well as our partnerships with international universities in different countries.
Do you work remotely or at the customer's site?
Basically, we adapt to our customers. In the course of digitalization and the tense talent market, the way abroad is no longer an option, but a must. Depending on the cost structure, there is the possibility of carrying out the project on your premises.

However, the focus is clearly on the distributed work, which is already ours and that of our customer. This gives the project the speed and flexibility it needs to make a difference.

Onsite offers no advantage over remote working. Experience shows that teams work more concentrated in distributed teams and achieve better results.

Who is responsible for coordinating the remote team?
There are two standard procedures.

On the one hand, JH International offers the service of stapping a team of different specialists, suitable for the project and project. For example, if you want to set up a department out-sourced or remotely. They then take full responsibility and assign tasks, as they would with their permanent staff.

This makes sense if you want to scale your business agilely at low cost.

On the other hand, you can staffen a specific project or plan that is limited in time with a remote team. This means that this team takes up your request, submits an offer for the solution to you and then implements your product in cooperation with you.

This makes sense if you want to diversify your product portfolio in the shortest possible time, or if you want to further develop your existing products. JH International Group will take the risk for the project.

Both standard procedures help you to act without overhead. This means you'll get to ROI faster and lower your opportunity costs. Because you only pay on a time and material basis.

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